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Adding value with a Customer-Centric Approach and a diversified set of solutions for all stakeholders in the electronic component industry

Rotakorn delivers high-quality electronic components, solving your urgent shortages and optimizing your production lines for efficiency and reliability.

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We´re a partner Beyond Distribution. With our services, we redefine what it means to support your supply chain, offering solutions that go far beyond traditional distribution. From tackling shortages to consolidating your supply chain, our diversified business model is all about putting your needs first. As a provider of global supply chain solutions and risk management, we’re committed to enhancing your manufacturing with unmatched transparency and quality.

With over three decades of experience, we swiftly meet your shortage needs through trusted partnerships, ensuring seamless supply chain operations. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, as we source only the highest quality standard components to maintain the excellence of your projects.

Elevate the worth of your surplus components through our comprehensive sales approach. Selling excess inventory does more than clear space; it safeguards resources and supports your commitment to sustainable business practices.

We’re committed to build dependable supply chains through strategic alliances with our franchised lines, offering an effective alternative to mainstream distribution services. Our approach ensures timely access to top-quality products. Partner with us to benefit from a team that values quality just as much as you

Our approach focuses on smart, cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. We excel in identifying equivalent components that not only reduce production costs but also extend your products’ lifecycle, providing a sustainable competitive edge. Rooted in deep industry expertise, we ensure your projects achieve significant cost savings while enhancing product durability. Trust us to deliver efficient solutions that contribute to a longer product lifespan and improved market positioning.

Revolutionize your component cost management with our proactive PPV savings service. Share your BOM or AML with us, and let us proactively monitor the market, especially for high-demand parts, to secure you the best prices. Our tailored line card strategy enables swapping parts for more affordable alternatives, ensuring quality at lower costs. Benefit from our extensive supplier network and significant excess inventory to enhance your margins and ensure cost-effective supply solutions.

Enhance your operation with a supply chain service that brings senior expertise and global insights directly to your team. Our Supply Chain Consolidation is ideal for businesses seeking to amplify their supply side without the overhead of a large internal team. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including sourcing, procurement, order management, and logistics, all designed to minimize costs and streamline processes.

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Whether you’re in one of our major industries served or navigating the challenges of a different industry, Rotakorn prioritizes enduring relationships and tailored support. We deliver more than just components—we provide a partnership that propels your business forward. With every collaboration, we’re dedicated to fostering innovation and ensuring reliability, making a lasting impact across all fields of industry.

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