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Streamlining your electronic component supply chain for optimal efficiency and cost savings. It’s about reliable solutions, sustainable practices, and building enduring partnerships.

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Navigating Shortages and Optimizing Surplus with You in Mind. From overcoming shortage challenges to transforming excess into opportunities, we tailor our services to not only streamline your supply chain but also to strengthen our relationship with you. Our solutions, from distribution to cost reduction, prioritize sustainability and customer-centricity. They’re crafted to uplift your operations, mitigate risks, and boost efficiency, ensuring we grow together towards a greener future.


Our solutions

We have been a part of the global supply chain of electronic components for over 30 years. In a market characterized by constant evolution and significant fluctuations in supply and demand, we offer a diversified and robust business model that adds value under any market conditions and across our customers’ roles in the supply chain. Relationships define our business and are reflected in the products and solutions we provide. For us, being customer-centric, experienced, and sustainable are more than just statements; these principles are the core from which our business grows and thrives.

Unexpected shortages due to extended lead times, shifting forecasts and supply chain disruptions can be challenges that leads to considerable costs.

Ensure your production line remains operational by leveraging our global sourcing network. Utilizing our vast experience, we promptly address your critical requirements without compromising on quality.

Excess inventories are a recurring challenge in our industry. Rotakorn Electronics is among the pioneers in this field, highlighting the resource-intensive nature of manufacturing these components and the waste involved in discarding them.

With the assistance of our proprietary database (RSS), we offer solutions designed to optimize both ECO-Gains and our clients’ return on investment (ROI).

As a franchise distribution partner We’re committed to add value to both our customers and our suppliers. Our suppliers are carefully selected to ensure their products not only enable effortless integration into current applications but also stand as alternatives in new designs, ensuring a seamless integration with minimal effort required from our clients.

Initiating a value engineering project requires close collaboration between us and the customer. The objectives of our value engineering projects may vary depending on the customer’s specific needs and challenges.

This may involve addressing price issues, identifying alternatives with improved lead times, or finding alternatives with an improved life cycle. It can also involve re-design of PCBA, software adjustments when replacing components, prototypes, verification and validation.

We understand the importance of cost efficiency for our clients. With the assistance of our proprietary database (RSS) that continuously is updated with market intelligence and pricing data, we can swiftly analyze the customer’s requirements and propose cost-saving actions.

Our proposal often includes several components, such as leveraging market fluctuation opportunities, alternative supply chain, value engineering analyses and replacements from our own line card.

Enhance your operation with a supply chain service that adds value. Our services span from finding a solution for a single critical component to managing the supply chain for an entire project. There can be situations when you need help with buffer stock, LTB stock, logistic solutions, sourcing of odd parts and order management.

Together with our clients, we identify customized solutions with the goal of ensuring a robust and sustainable supply chain If there’s a solution to your problem we will find it together

Our process

Precision-Driven, Customer-Centric Approach

We don’t just provide services; we craft solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our commitment ensures transparency, quality, and most importantly, your satisfaction.

Understanding your unique requirements to provide targeted solutions.

Timely delivery and seamless integration into your existing operations.

Leveraging our global network, we’re dedicated to source top-quality components at the most competitive prices, ensuring value and excellence in every transaction.

We’re here for you. Spanning three continents, we offer around-the-clock assistance, from initial consultation through to post-implementation support.

Selected components undergo thorough testing by a third-party test house, ensuring they meet our high standards for quality. This approach keeps us at the forefront of quality assurance.

Case Studies

Real-World Results, Demonstrated Success

Explore case studies that highlight our commitment to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. See how businesses like yours have benefitted from our tailored solutions.

Shortage Handling for a Major Auto Manufacturer

Situation: Faced a critical shortage of electronic components.
Solution: Sourced and delivered within 2 weeks.
Outcome: Production resumed, $2M in losses averted.

Shortage Handling for a Major Auto Manufacturer

Situation: Overstock of outdated chips.
Solution: Resold overstock, converted into capital.
Outcome: $200k in recovered funds.

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