Financial Information

Rotakorn is a stable partner with healthy growth and excellent cash flow. We have an AAA credit rating from Dun & Bradstreet.


Bank Information

Åtvidabergs Sparbank Box 246, SE-597 25 Åtvidaberg, Sweden

Swift code: SWEDSESS

Bankgiro: 520-0688

USD: 8021-8-1370272096
EUR: 8021-8-2376767204

Correspondent Bank USA: Citibank N.A., NewYork

European Customers
USD: IBAN SE5080000802181370272096
EURO: IBAN SE3880000802182376767204
SEK: IBAN SE4680000802180040247744
VAT: SE556951778101

We accept the most commonly used credit cards!
Checks are not accepted!


If payments by credit card is done in currency SEK there can be some currency fluctuations for the card holder during the bank transfer, both positive and negative. However, Rotakorn Electronics AB cannot be held responsible for any fluctuation that might occur.