Overcome supply chain gaps with our Shortage Handling

When supply chain disruptions hit, we step in to fill the gaps—ensuring your operations never skip a beat.

Why Shortage Handling matters

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, even minor supply chain issues can lead to disruptions. At Rotakorn, we focus on understanding these challenges to help keep your supply chain as smooth as possible. Our goal is to support your business in staying operational and moving forward.


With a 99% on-time delivery rate, we ensure that your projects run smoothly and stay on schedule, eliminating the costs and headaches associated with delays.

30.000 MPN:s/year

Each year, we source approximately thirty thousand components for our customers, reinforcing our role as their trusted partner in navigating the complex world of electronic components.


Over the last three years, more than 300 companies have chosen Rotakorn Electronics AB when facing supply shortages. Our approach, marked by agility and a keen eye for sourcing, has made us a preferred partner in navigating the complexities of the electronic components market. We’re small but mighty, and our track record is a point of pride.

How it works

Navigating Supply Challenges with Expertise

To instill confidence in potential clients, we showcase the structured, methodical approach Rotakorn employs in shortage handling. Explore these four key steps to understand how we ensure your supply chain remains resilient and efficient.

We start by comprehensively evaluating your needs, identifying the specific components you’re missing. This first step is crucial for tailoring our approach to meet your exact requirements.

Leveraging our extensive global network, we then move on to strategically source the required components. Our team utilizes their deep market knowledge and connections to find what you need quickly.

Before any component reaches you, it undergoes a rigorous quality verification process. Conducted by trusted third-party test houses, this step ensures that every component meets our high standards of quality and reliability.

Once quality is confirmed, we prioritize the swift deployment of components to your location. Our goal is to minimize any downtime or disruption, getting you back on track as quickly as possible.

With Rotakorn, you’re not just finding a solution to shortages; you’re gaining a partner committed to the resilience and efficiency of your supply chain.